Total net assets ($CAD):
$5.05 million

The top 15 holdings make up 55.42% of the Fund.
Cash and Equivalents
Foreign Corporate Bonds
Foreign Government Bonds
Canadian Corporate Bonds
United States
Fixed Income
Cash and Cash Equivalent
Top holdings Sector allocation (%)
United States Treasury 2.50% 31-Dec-2020 Fixed Income 6.60%
Ashtead Capital Inc 5.63% 01-Oct-2024 Fixed Income 5.39%
Universal Health Services Inc 4.75% 01-Aug-2022 Fixed Income 5.28%
Charter Communicatns Oprtg LLC 3.58% 23-Jun-2020 Cash and Cash Equivalent 4.23%
Royal Bank of Canada BA 02-Oct-2019 Cash and Cash Equivalent 3.95%
Methanex Corp 3.25% 15-Dec-2019 Cash and Cash Equivalent 3.94%
Parkland Fuel Corp 5.50% 28-May-2021 Fixed Income 3.51%
Bombardier Inc 5.75% 15-Mar-2022 Fixed Income 3.33%
United States Treasury 1.75% 31-Jul-2021 Fixed Income 3.28%
Reynolds Group Issuer Inc 5.75% 20-Oct-2019 Cash and Cash Equivalent 2.92%
Bausch Health Cos Inc 6.50% 20-Oct-2019 Cash and Cash Equivalent 2.71%
Centene Corp 5.63% 15-Feb-2021 Fixed Income 2.66%
Sprint Spectrum Co LLC 3.36% 20-Mar-2023 Fixed Income 2.63%
United States Treasury 2.50% 31-Jan-2021 Fixed Income 2.51%
Bausch Health Cos Inc 7.00% 15-Mar-2020 Cash and Cash Equivalent 2.48%
Asset allocation

Cash and Equivalents 42.07%

Foreign Corporate Bonds 36.96%

Foreign Government Bonds 14.47%

Canadian Corporate Bonds 6.47%

Other 0.03%

Geographic allocation

United States 80.69%

Canada 19.28%

Other 0.03%

Sector allocation

Fixed Income 57.90%

Cash and Cash Equivalent 42.07%

Other 0.03%