Total net assets ($CAD):
$2.65 million

The top 2 holdings make up 99.71% of the Fund.
US Equity
Canadian Bonds - Funds
Cash and Equivalents
United States
Mutual Fund
Fixed Income
Cash and Cash Equivalent
Top holdings Sector allocation (%)
Sun Life MFS U.S. Value Fund Series A Mutual Fund 75.09%
Sun Life Multi-Strategy Bond Fund A Fixed Income 24.62%
Asset allocation

US Equity 75.09%

Canadian Bonds - Funds 24.62%

Cash and Equivalents 0.28%

Other 0.01%

Geographic allocation

United States 75.09%

Canada 24.90%

Other 0.01%

Sector allocation

Mutual Fund 75.09%

Fixed Income 24.62%

Cash and Cash Equivalent 0.28%

Other 0.01%