Total net assets ($CAD):
$690.91 million

The top 15 holdings make up 42.66% of the Fund.
US Equity
Foreign Corporate Bonds
Foreign Government Bonds
Income Trust Units
Cash and Equivalents
Canadian Equity
International Equity
Canadian Government Bonds
United States
Cayman Islands
United Kingdom
Fixed Income
Financial Services
Consumer Services
Cash and Cash Equivalent
Industrial Services
Industrial Goods
Top holdings Sector allocation (%)
Alphabet Inc Cl C Information Technology 4.09%
Brookfield Asset Management Inc Cl A Diversified Financial Services 3.88%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Cl A Insurance 3.60%
United States Treasury 1.63% 15-Aug-2029 Fixed Income 3.48%
MasterCard Inc Diversified Financial Services 3.38%
JPMorgan Chase & Co Diversified Financial Services 3.08%
Visa Inc Cl A Diversified Financial Services 2.93%
Cigna Corp Insurance 2.87%
United States Treasury 0.88% 15-Jan-2029 Fixed Income 2.34%
United States Treasury 3.00% 15-Aug-2048 Fixed Income 2.33%
Brookfield Business Partners LP - Units Construction Materials 2.32%
Booking Holdings Inc Diversified Consumer Services 2.25%
United States Treasury 2.88% 15-Aug-2028 Fixed Income 2.13%
UnitedHealth Group Inc Healthcare Services 2.01%
Cedar Fair LP - Units Leisure 1.97%
Asset allocation

US Equity 48.89%

Foreign Corporate Bonds 18.34%

Foreign Government Bonds 11.27%

Income Trust Units 7.90%

Cash and Equivalents 5.48%

Canadian Equity 4.74%

International Equity 2.89%

Canadian Government Bonds 0.41%

Other 0.08%

Geographic allocation

United States 85.85%

Canada 5.68%

Bermuda 4.18%

Netherlands 2.18%

Cayman Islands 0.54%

United Kingdom 0.51%

Other 0.48%

Mexico 0.41%

Panama 0.17%

Sector allocation

Fixed Income 30.02%

Financial Services 27.81%

Consumer Services 11.31%

Technology 9.41%

Healthcare 5.78%

Cash and Cash Equivalent 5.48%

Industrial Services 3.24%

Other 2.77%

Industrial Goods 2.32%

Utilities 1.86%