Total net assets ($CAD):
$505.39 million

The top 5 holdings make up 98.47% of the Fund.
US Equity
Cash and Equivalents
Canadian Equity
International Equity
Canadian Government Bonds
Canadian Corporate Bonds
Foreign Government Bonds
Foreign Corporate Bonds
United States
United Kingdom
Fixed Income
Cash and Cash Equivalent
Financial Services
Industrial Services
Consumer Goods
Consumer Services
Underlying fund allocations Sector allocation (%)
CI Income Fund Class I Mutual Fund 65.32%
Select Canadian Equity Managed Fund Class I Mutual Fund 11.04%
Select U.S. Equity Managed Fund Class I Mutual Fund 10.09%
Select International Equity Managed Fund Class I Mutual Fund 9.00%
Signature Global Dividend Fund Class I Mutual Fund 3.02%
Top holdings Sector allocation (%)
SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) Exchange Traded Fund 2.32%
iShares MSCI Japan ETF (EWJ) Exchange Traded Fund 1.61%
Canada Government 2.25% 01-Jun-2029 Fixed Income 1.36%
United States Treasury 3.00% 15-Feb-2049 Fixed Income 1.32%
Ontario Province 2.60% 02-Jun-2025 Fixed Income 1.07%
Signature Global Dividend Fund Class I Mutual Fund 0.97%
Quebec Province 2.50% 01-Sep-2026 Fixed Income 0.94%
Mackenzie Floating Rate Income ETF (MFT) Fixed Income 0.91%
United States Treasury 2.88% 15-May-2049 Fixed Income 0.89%
United States Treasury 3.38% 15-Nov-2048 Fixed Income 0.89%
Quebec Province 3.75% 01-Sep-2024 Fixed Income 0.86%
Canada Government 0.00% 28-Nov-2019 Cash and Cash Equivalent 0.78%
Ontario Province 3.50% 02-Jun-2024 Fixed Income 0.76%
CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund Class I Mutual Fund 0.73%
Ontario Province 2.90% 02-Jun-2049 Fixed Income 0.73%
Asset allocation

US Equity 15.69%

Cash and Equivalents 15.25%

Canadian Equity 13.49%

International Equity 13.49%

Canadian Government Bonds 12.08%

Canadian Corporate Bonds 11.40%

Foreign Government Bonds 8.19%

Foreign Corporate Bonds 6.53%

Commodities 2.32%

Other 1.56%

Geographic allocation

Canada 47.29%

United States 31.29%

Other 10.59%

Japan 2.90%

United Kingdom 2.34%

France 1.56%

Switzerland 1.10%

Spain 1.01%

Netherlands 1.01%

Multi-National 0.91%

Sector allocation

Fixed Income 38.33%

Cash and Cash Equivalent 15.25%

Other 12.37%

Financial Services 9.61%

Industrial Services 4.55%

Technology 4.48%

Consumer Goods 4.09%

Consumer Services 4.02%

Healthcare 3.91%

Energy 3.39%