Investment Solutions

Mutual Funds

At CI, we offer you one of the industry’s most comprehensive mutual fund lineups, including over 90 core funds. Our lineup includes a broad selection of portfolio managers who cover the full spectrum of investment styles, and a wide choice of mandates covering various regions, asset classes, and industries. We also offer CI Corporate Class and T-Class, a family of funds with tax advantages such as the deferral of taxes on capital gains.

Managed Solutions

Strategic asset allocation is a long-term investment strategy that determines the optimum asset mix for an investor with the goal of earning the greatest possible rate of return for the investor’s risk tolerance.

CI Global Asset Management offers a number of comprehensive investment programs on the principles of strategic asset allocation. Whether you are saving for retirement, seeking a regular income, or have some other goal, CI’s asset allocation programs can potentially meet your investment needs.

These programs are monitored and maintained by CI Multi-Asset Management, a team of investment analysts and asset allocation experts who monitor the portfolio managers and the portfolios to ensure they are adhering to their mandates and performing according to expectations.

CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios

CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios provide access to a diverse selection of exchange-traded funds through five active multi-asset-class portfolios that fit a range of investor profiles.

Portfolio Series

Portfolio Series is a family of seven strategic asset allocation funds that provide diversified portfolios meeting a range of distinct investor profiles, from income to maximum growth. The portfolios achieve their objectives by investing in a blend of equity and fixed income strategies, providing diversification by asset class, region and economic sectors.

Portfolio Select Series

Portfolio Select Series provides a choice of nine model portfolios built through strategic asset allocation, along with unprecedented flexibility to customize the chosen portfolio. The result is a portfolio that is fully tailored to your individual investment objectives. Portfolio Select Series also uses the CI Corporate Class platform, allowing for better tax efficiency.

Personal Pension Portfolios

Managed by Sentry Investment Management, Personal Pension Portfolios are a series of global investment portfolios built for long-term investing.

Each Portfolio provides exposure to nine different asset classes, including a dedicated allocation to securities invested in real assets. Each asset class is managed by a portfolio manager with specialized expertise in his or her respective asset class.

Fund Lineup

exchange traded funds

Exchange Traded Funds

CI First Asset, a leading provider of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in Canada, offers a comprehensive suite of ETF solutions. Rooted in strong fundamentals, the diverse and specialized lineup of First Asset ETFs strive to deliver better risk-adjusted returns than the broad market while helping investors achieve their personal financial goals.

Private Pools

Private Pools

Private investment pools can be appropriate for investors with higher levels of assets who, as a result, may have more sophisticated investment objectives and goals, requiring more carefully customized portfolios.

Sentry Real Income was created to address the challenges facing Canadian retirees. It is designed to deliver stable retirement income that will adjust with the cost of living to assist you in meeting your retirement goals. It is a breakthrough combination of technology and investments designed to deliver stable retirement income. It is a unique solution that delivers income that adjusts annually with inflation to help protect investors' standard of living.

CI Private Pools allow you to enjoy the choice, flexibility and peace of mind that come from a carefully curated collection of actively managed Canadian and global investment strategies designed to build and protect wealth.

CI Private Pools is an exclusive suite of high net worth investment solutions. These targeted strategies span across asset classes, geographic regions and investment styles providing access to deep and specialized portfolio manager expertise. They offer advisors the flexibility to build fully customizable portfolios to suit the individual needs and personal risk profiles of each investor and are built upon a competitive flat-fee structure.

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments is a category that encompasses a number of different investment vehicle types, including: closed-end funds, deposit notes, hedge funds, labour-sponsored funds, limited partnerships and liquid alternatives.

These investment vehicles meet a variety of investment needs through a combination of features that may not be available in investment funds. In some cases, these investments have a negative correlation to traditional investments, so they are useful in providing additional diversification and risk management.

CI’s Liquid Alternative Funds are specifically designed to add these diversification benefits to traditional stock and bond portfolios, leveraging the talents of highly specialized hedge fund managers. Liquid alternatives bridge the gap between traditional mutual funds and hedge funds, combining considerable investment flexibility with daily liquidity, accessibility and transparency.

Group Plans

Group Plans

For over 20 years CI Global Asset Management has offered a full range of group RSP plans to employers of all sizes. Our savings plans offer a cost-effective design that is easy to set up and easy to manage.

With no minimums, no account or administrative fees and an improved onboarding process to make setting your plan up even easier, there is a CI Group Plan option that suits your needs.

CI Prestige

CI Prestige

CI Prestige is an exclusive investment program offering a valuable combination of benefits, including automatic preferred pricing, efficient investment options and enhanced account management.

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Segregated Funds

Segregated funds combine the investment advantages of mutual funds – potential for growth, professional money management, diversification, choice and flexibility – and the security of insurance. In addition to insurance guarantees, segregated funds offer other powerful benefits such as potential creditor protection and the potential ability to bypass probate fees.

The policies for SunWise segregated funds are issued by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. Our wide selection of segregated funds covers all asset classes and investment styles. 

Whether it's your investments, your retirement income or the value of your assets, SunWise Essential Series 2 can guide you and your spouse through your saving and wealth accumulation years into your retirement years, with confidence.

Fund Lineup