CI Private PoolsTM

Specialized solutions for affluent investors

A curated collection of exclusive investment solutions for portfolio customization

As you achieve greater levels of wealth, your financial situation typically becomes more complex. Enjoy the choice, flexibility and peace of mind that come from specialized solutions designed exclusively to serve the needs of high net worth investors like you.

CI's comprehensive wealth offerings

We offer a diverse lineup of investment options to ensure you have access to strategies that are well-suited to your unique financial situation and investment goals.

Graphic illustrating CI's wealth offerings – Mutual funds, ETFs, Private Pools, Liquid Alternatives, Hedge Funds.

CI Private Pools

Your portfolio building block solution

Gain exclusive access to a broad range of 21 investment strategies spanning asset classes, geographic regions and investment styles, all offered within an easy-to-use, flat-fee solution and backed by trusted expertise and experience you can count on to meet your evolving needs.

CI Private Pools offer a wealth of features and benefits for affluent investors, including:

  • Variety – 21 private pools spanning the investable spectrum
  • Focus – Targeted strategies and specialized investment expertise
  • Flexibility – Allows your advisor to help you fully customize your portfolio based on your individual needs and risk profile
  • Exclusivity – $25,000 minimum investment (per private pool)
  • Simplified Pricing – Easy to use, with a highly competitive, flat-fee structure

Your partners

Strategic focus, consistent discipline, proven track records of success – benefit from the enduring strength of CI’s portfolio management teams with your all-access pass to our best.

CI Private Pools engage a variety of leading boutique money managers to provide you with an incomparable selection of specialized expertise and experience.

  • Altrinsic Global Advisors logo

    Altrinsic Global Advisors

    Altrinsic specializes in identifying undervalued companies that are poised to rebound.

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  • Black Creek Investment Management logo

    Black Creek Investment Management

    Black Creek focuses on identifying winning businesses that are capturing market share.

    Learn more

  • Cambridge Global Asset Management logo

    Cambridge Global Asset Management

    Cambridge focuses on absolute returns and downside protection with proper manager-client alignment.

    Learn more

  • Marret Asset Management logo

    Marret Asset Management

    Marret is an alternative fixed income manager specializing in investment grade and high-yield corporate debt.

    Learn more

  • Picton Mahoney Asset Management logo

    Picton Mahoney Asset Management

    Picton Mahoney pioneered, and continues to focus on, momentum-based investment strategies and true style diversification.

    Learn more

  • Sentry Investment Management logo

    Sentry Investment Management

    Sentry places a premium on risk management, aiming to provide a calmer path to wealth creation.

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  • Signature Global Asset Management logo

    Signature Global Asset Management

    Signature’s fundamental specialist model of over 50 investment professionals results in expert asset class coverage.

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We believe strongly in the value of sound financial advice. Speak to a trusted advisor about how CI’s investment solutions can help you achieve your financial goals.

If you don’t have a financial advisor you may want to review: Why should I invest with a financial advisor?

Advisors, please contact your CI Sales Team representative to learn more.


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Published May 27, 2020