TORONTO, Jan. 21, 2019 /CNW/ - CI Investments Inc. ("CI") today announced the launch of CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios, an investment solution that blends the benefits of exchange-traded funds with the accessibility of a mutual fund structure.

"These portfolios make ETFs more accessible to a much broader group of Canadian investors," said Roy Ratnavel, Executive Vice-President and Head of Sales for CI Investments. "They combine investments in a wide range of ETFs with the benefits of a professionally constructed and well-diversified portfolio – all through the convenience of a single investment."

CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios consist of five distinct portfolios designed to meet a range of investor objectives. These actively managed portfolios offer advisors and investors a powerful solution by combining professional asset allocation and risk management. 

The portfolios are managed by CI Multi-Asset Management ("CIMAM"), a division of CI. Led by Chief Investment Officer Alfred Lam, the CIMAM team consists of highly experienced portfolio managers and analysts with responsibility for over $38 billion in multi-asset portfolio programs (as of December 31, 2018).

The lead portfolio manager of CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios, Stephen Lingard, is a veteran asset manager with over 24 years of industry experience, including management of multi-asset portfolio programs. Mr. Lingard has extensive experience in researching and selecting ETFs for portfolios.

Mr. Lingard said that, in addition to CIMAM's asset allocation capabilities, one of the major differentiators of CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios is their hybrid architecture, which includes actively managed and smart beta ETFs from First Asset Investment Management Inc., as well as passive, third-party ETFs.

First Asset, an affiliate of CI, is a Canadian investment firm delivering a comprehensive suite of smart ETF solutions. Rooted in strong fundamentals, First Asset's smart solutions strive to deliver better risk-adjusted returns than the broad market, while helping investors achieve their personal financial goals. CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios are widely available through financial advisors, including those licensed with the Mutual Fund Dealers Association.

CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios represent CI's third major product launch in the past three months, with CI Private Pools, a family of 17 mandates, being released in October 2018 and CI Liquid Alternatives, a series of three alternative investment funds, becoming available in November 2018. "As our industry evolves and investor needs become increasingly complex, CI is enhancing its lineup to ensure we continue to provide investors and advisors with effective, high-quality investments, competitive pricing and excellent service," Mr. Ratnavel said.

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