About Us

CI Multi Asset Management is responsible for the construction and management of CI Investments' managed solutions programs. Based in Toronto, the team oversees approximately $42 billion of assets* invested in customized managed portfolio solutions for individuals, families and businesses. The team is led by portfolio manager Alfred Lam.

*As at December 31, 2019

We view active management as a process that strives to identify and manage all the variables that can influence an investor’s total return, with the goal of obtaining the best long-term results. Active management is not simply about stock selection. There is also opportunity to generate incremental excess returns from active asset allocation and risk management.

Alfred Lam

Senior Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer

Our Funds

CI Multi-Asset Management oversees these managed solutions from CI Investments:

Portfolio Series is a family of seven strategic multi-asset-class portfolio funds that fit a wide range of distinct investor profiles, from income to maximum growth.

Portfolio Select Series provides a choice of nine multi-manager, multi-asset-class portfolios built through strategic asset allocation, along with unprecedented flexibility to customize the chosen portfolio.

CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios provide access to a diverse selection of exchange-traded funds through five active multi-asset-class portfolios that fit a range of investor profiles.

Our Team

Alfred Lam, CFA

Senior Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer

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Marchello Holditch, CFA, CAIA

Vice-President and Portfolio Manager

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Stephen Lingard

Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Investment Research

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Our Philosophy

Outcome Oriented

  • Our philosophy is centred on delivering predictable outcomes through a disciplined portfolio construction process.
  • We take a controlled risk budgeting approach which aims to generate consistent returns to satisfy the financial objectives of our clients within their investment horizons.
  • Our ultimate goal goes beyond beating the benchmark or peers; we aim to get clients on the route to their financial destination with the highest probability of success.

Multi-Asset Focus

  • In our view, investing using a multi-asset framework offers the best opportunity to benefit from imperfect correlations and create an all-weather, full-cycle solution for clients based on their unique needs.
  • Our team has more than 15 years of experience assembling portfolios using equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes from around the globe with the objective of maximizing risk-adjusted returns.

Power of Partnerships

  • We believe that a strategy which includes diversification on multiple levels, including amongst the underlying managers who pick stocks and bonds, will maximize the likelihood of investment success.
  • We use a delegated, multi-manager investment model that allows our clients to benefit from the expertise and specialization of many different portfolio management teams in a single solution.  

Total Return Approach

  • We believe active management stretches beyond the practice of stock selection. We also strive to identify and manage all the factors that can influence an investor’s total return, including but not limited to asset allocation, factor exposure, sector weights, market risk and currency exposure.