About Us

Lawrence Park Asset Management, formed in 2011, is a Toronto-based independent investment management firm dedicated to providing investors with smart next generation fixed-income solutions for a low or rising interest rate environment.

Lawrence Park currently manages over $500 million* of investor assets across various hedge fund and mutual fund mandates. As at September 2018.

Our objective is to create world-class alternative investment strategies, specializing in fixed income and credit for investors in Canada, and beyond.

Our Funds

Lawrence Park Asset Management is dedicated to creating world-class alternative investment products specializing in fixed income and credit.

Our Team

The Lawrence Park team, with over 75 years of combined experience in global fixed-income and credit investing, offers a unique approach to fixed-income investing aimed at enhancing yield and reducing volatility.

Andrew Torres

Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer

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Our Philosophy

Lawrence Park funds are designed around three core principles which the Lawrence Park team believes are central to alternative fixed income: Capital Preservation, Low Volatility and Consistent Returns. 

The Lawrence Park team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals with extensive fixed income and credit expertise from global and Canadian banks. Lawrence Park aims to offer the same credit trading strategies used by the proprietary desks of major banks to the Canadian investor. The portfolio management team employs a simple but proven relative value approach to identify and profit from inefficiencies in corporate bond markets worldwide. 

Once securities are selected, the Lawrence Park team employs a disciplined active portfolio management process. This involves extensive attention to risk management, including hedging strategies against rising interest rates, currency and selected credit risk. In using this investment process, Lawrence Park seeks to enhance yield, reduce volatility, and deliver consistent returns to their investors.

Our Insights

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