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Founded in 2004, Picton Mahoney Asset Management is a tight-knit team of investment professionals united by one mission: to help our clients achieve their long-term investment objectives with greater certainty. Picton Mahoney follows a unique investment process that blends quantitative and fundamental analysis as well as institutional-grade risk control techniques. The result: nimble portfolios designed to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns. We manage a range of mutual fund solutions, calibrated to meet the varied needs of our clients – and invest alongside them in our strategies.

Our Funds

Picton Mahoney provides thought-leading investment solutions to investors to help reach their long-term investment objectives with greater certainty.

Our Team

Investing alongside clients and entrusted with billions in client assets, Picton Mahoney is a 100% employee-owned portfolio management boutique providing thought-leading investment solutions to institutional and retail investors in order to help reach their long-term investment objectives with greater certainty. Picton Mahoney has decades of investment management experience – with its founders having pioneered momentum-based investment strategies as principals at Synergy Asset Management in the 1990s.

David Picton

President and Portfolio Manager

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Our Philosophy

Blending art and science, the founding portfolio managers of Picton Mahoney rely on the same disciplined, consistent and repeatable process when constructing and managing client portfolios. They draw on fundamental and quantitative analysis: united in purpose, both disciplines consider similar opportunities and risk factors, but operate independently. This allows construction of diversified portfolios that maximize investors’ exposure to fundamental change characteristics, while risk remains explicitly managed.

Building Picton Mahoney’s momentum portfolio

A disciplined and repeatable three-step process

Fundamental change is the critical factor that provides the foundation of Picton Mahoney's investment philosophy and process. To discover it, PIcton Mahoney employs a unique combination of quantitative models and fundamental research and makes continuous use of leading technology and sophisticated controls to maximize risk-adjusted return potential for clients. It’s a three-step process that delivers results.



Picton Mahoney's Quantitative and Fundamental teams operate independently, providing recommendations based on their thorough assessments (and back-testing) of specific trends and fundamental change characteristics.


The portfolio manager takes the recommended ideas, filtering them through portfolio construction and risk control programs to identify the best opportunities (and respective weightings) for the portfolio.


Picton Mahoney monitors portfolios daily to ensure they maintain the right risk/reward balance, in keeping with stated investment objectives. Tasked with this continual oversight are the portfolio manager, Risk Committee and Compliance team.

PMAM uses a disciplined and repeatable three-step process of idea generation, portfolio construction and continuous learning

Picton Mahoney's investment approach is an excellent complement for traditional value and small-cap strategies. Picton Mahoney's research has shown that blending different investment styles/strategies together leads to higher risk-adjusted returns for investors. This “style diversification” helps smooth overall portfolio returns in the short run, while allowing investors to profit from each strategy’s longer-term performance potential.

Picton Mahoney's Canadian and global funds can play an important role in this process for two reasons:

  1. The momentum funds tend to act much differently than more traditional strategies. This means that adding momentum to a style-diversified portfolio can lead to better diversification and a smoother ride for investors.
  2. Momentum strategies have generated strong positive returns over time, which can help improve the overall returns for portfolios.

Our Insights

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