About Us

Trident Investment Management, LLC is a New York-based investment firm that specializes in alternative investments. It employs a combination of top-down macroeconomic analysis of countries and sectors to identify attractive industries and bottom-up stock selection of large-cap liquid companies based on earnings and growth prospects.

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments is a category that encompasses a number of different investment vehicle types, including: deposit notes, labour-sponsored funds, closed-end funds and hedge funds. These investment vehicles meet a variety of investment needs through a combination of features that may not be available in investment funds. In some cases, these investments have a negative correlation to traditional investments, so they are useful in providing additional diversification and risk management.

Our Funds

Trident is the Portfolio Manager to CI Global Opportunities Fund.

Our Team

Trident Investment Management was co-founded in 1998 by Nandu Narayanan.

Our Philosophy

Key features

Unique investment approach 

  • A top-down, bottom-up and risk-controlled approach to global equity investment management.
  • Systematic process that identifies and exploits global industry trends.
  • Demonstrated ability to produce non-correlated returns. 

Top-down analysis 

  • Rapid and thorough proprietary analysis of macroeconomic and market data is conducted to determine the potential effects of economic, political and industry events on regional markets, sectors, currencies and individual securities. 

Bottom-up analysis 

  • Identifies companies likely to perform well or poorly based upon their fundamentals. This analysis results in a composite environmental assessment that helps form investment themes and strategies, as well as contributes to the top-down view.  

Strong risk controls 

  • Disciplined risk management framework. 
  • Primarily large-capitalization, liquid stocks. 
  • Limited use of leverage. 
  • Tightly enforced stop-loss limits.

Security selection

  • Through bottom up research, companies are selected within and across the identified themes and strategies.  

Portfolio construction

  • Analysis is conducted to determine the most efficient portfolio structure and the most optimal equity instruments.