Seek Sound Financial Advice

We believe strongly in the value of financial advice. When investing, saving for education or planning for retirement, the most important factor is YOU, and advisors know this.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise Advisors Add Value

Advisors’ technical financial expertise provides tailored professional support with:

  • Financial planning for wealth accumulation and retirement
  • Investment portfolio allocation and restructuring

Financial Habits Advisors Help You Save More

Advisors encourage savings. They help investors understand the impact of savings on when they’ll be able to retire and the quality of retirement they’ll have. Studies on the Canadian Investor have shown:

  • Investors with advisors have savings rates roughly double those without advisors1
  • A higher savings rate could help investors retire sooner or enjoy a better quality of retirement
Financial Habits

Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.

Warren Buffett

Behavioral Support Advisors Help Keep You On Track

Advisors also provide peace of mind. Positive behavioral support helps investors avoid reacting to common emotions that can adversely affect long term portfolio growth, such as:

  • Selling in fear
  • Purchasing in a state of greed

We believe that Canadians can have the best opportunity for investment success by using the services of a professional financial advisor.

The value of active management and the value of advice go hand-in-hand. As markets and investors’ needs become more complex, active managers and advisors can have tremendous opportunities to add value.

1 New Evidence on the Value of Financial Advice - IFIC, Nov 2012