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Signature Global Income & Growth Fund—Q1 2021 Update

Eric highlights what drove Q1 markets, Fund performance, and his current outlook.

Signature High Income Fund—Q1 2021 Update

Geof discusses Q1 markets, Fund performance, and the trends that may drive the markets now.

Sentry U.S. Monthly Income Fund—Q1 2021 Update

Aubrey discusses the Fund’s history and why the current environment is ideal.

Sentry Small/Mid Cap Income Fund—Q1 2021 Update

Aubrey highlights the Fund’s performance and how the Fund is positioned now.

CI North American Dividend Fund—Q1 2021 Update

Peter highlights the drivers of Q1 markets, Fund positioning, and why he is pro-growth.

CI Mosaic Balanced ETF Portfolio—Q1 2021 Update

Stephen discusses the drivers of—and performance in—Q1 markets, and where he’s focused now.

Select Income Managed Corporate Class—Q1 2021 Update

Alfred details the good and the bad of Q1 markets and Fund performance and why he’s optimistic.

Cambridge Canadian Dividend Fund—Q1 2021 Update

Stephen talks about Q1 markets, Fund performance, and where he sees opportunities today.

Cambridge Asset Allocation Fund—Q1 2021 Update

Bob details the surprises in Q1, Fund allocation, and why he’s tempering optimism with caution.

CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund—Q1 2021 Update

Nick details Q1 market rotations, Fund performance, and why he’s still positive on equities.

What’s new from the Practice Management team?

Ryan highlights some new content available for advisors and spotlights one of their new presentations

Signature High Income Fund—Q4 2020 Update

Geof discusses the drivers of Q4 markets, Fund performance, and what to expect from the economy’s reopening.

CI North American Dividend Fund—Q4 2020 Update

Peter highlights the strong Q4 market performance, Fund positioning, and forces that could drive markets in 2021.

CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund—Q4 2020 Update

Nick details Fund performance, equity risk premium compression, and how the Fund is positioned for the future.

CI Mosaic Balanced ETF Portfolio—Q4 2020 Update

Stephen discusses the Fund’s performance, what drove the Q4 rally, and what we expect going forward.