Signature High Income Fund—Q3 2020 Update

Geof discusses the drivers of the Fund’s Q3 performance and why the current environment could be good for the Fund.

Signature Global Income & Growth Fund—Q3 2020 Update

Eric highlights what drove Q3 markets, Fund performance, and the positive developments we expect going forward.

Signature High Income Fund - Q2 2020 Update

Geof discusses how the Fed’s programs helped the economy, the Fund and what we expect going forward.

Signature Global Income & Growth Fund - Q2 2020 Update

Eric highlights Fed policy results, Fund performance, the risks going forward and the Fund’s ongoing approach.

Signature Global Income and Growth Fund - Q1 2020 Update

Eric talks about the fund’s Q1 results and how stimulus combatted both credit and equity market issues.

Signature High Income Fund - Q1 2020 Update

Discussing Q1 performance, outlining fund changes made, current positioning and future expectations.